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IMG_3147 (hormones do affect her, but no worries, it was mustache day at school)


Thank the Lord! I have a praise report! For the first time in a while, Ella Joy’s ANC was high enough to continue her chemotherapy! The previous couple of clinic visits, she was looking energetic and happy, but we were surprised to hear that her ANC was too low to continue her daily chemo at home. This week, we are so delighted to announce that her white blood cell counts, her platelets, and her hemoglobin was on target, even her liver tests were looking promising! A huge thanks to all of you for never giving up in prayer for Ella Joy! I cannot forget to thank Eddie for changing his schedule and driving us to RMH, and also to Kelsey for lovingly watching over Asaph while Ella Joy got her chemo and counts. A huge reason why I am so elated that Ella Joy’s counts are high enough for continuing chemotherapy is because I know that t-cell lymphoma is the most aggressive form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. When asking about the terrible R word, my APN explained that even with active chemotherapy, there could still be traces of cancer cells still left inside Ella Joy’s body. In January 2016, when Ella Joy will have her last Vincristine push in clinic, I will have duel emotions: it will be a happy but scary day for me. Happy because she will finally be done with all those chemo pills that she has been taking every single day, done with all the hormones and antibiotics, and done with spinal taps and IV pushes of chemo. She will finally have a fairly normal immune system (although I will still give her hand sanitizer frequently as it is now habitual). But scary in the fact that chemotherapy has been my crutch and comfort in knowing that there was a battle going on in Ella Joy’s body, and chemo was helping us to win the battle. So please forgive me, when there is such an enormous praise report, when I ask you to continue praying for ZERO (cancer) and NEGATIVE (MRD), and that all cancer cells will be demolished, annihilated, obliterated, and eradicated forever!

There was a little girl who had stage 3 non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. It was very rare for me to meet anyone who had the exact same type of cancer as Ella Joy.   After talking with her mother, we realized that the only difference was that Ella Joy was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, where this little girl had stage 3. This brave little girl fought the battle however each time the cancer came back more aggressive than before.   This week her mother announced that her daughter got to use her angel wings. When I read this post from her mother’s fb, I could not stop crying and praying for this family. The exact same T-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer that Ella Joy was diagnosed with, took the life of a beautiful little girl. They have asked for privacy as they mourn their daughter’s death, but I would like to ask you to please lift this family up in prayer. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” – Matthew 5:4 I always knew how aggressive t-cell lymphoma cancer was, but it became a reality this week.

Please continue praying that Ella Joy’s ANC blood counts will continue to look good throughout the rest of this month. Her next clinic visit will be June 18th Thursday. Please pray that everything would go smoothly as she undergoes a spinal tap and gets an IV push of Vincristine chemo and we get her blood counts.

“The word doxology comes from the Greek words doxa, which means glory, and logos, which means word. So a doxology is a word that ascribes glory to God. The conviction behind New Testament doxologies is that everything exists and everything happens to draw attention to the glory of God. That’s why doxologies tend to occur at climactic and final moments of preaching or writing. I join with Paul in saying that everything I have said up till now will, I pray, draw all attention to the glory of God.” – John Piper

It seems fitting to end this post with a doxology, or “short hymn of praise to God” written by Thomas Ken. All attention, all glory belongs to God! Thank you Jesus!