Your Will, Your Way



Ella Joy has been loving first grade! Our APN told us that due to all the spinal taps and chemo she gets at clinic as well as her daily chemo and meds, she has been having random pains all over her body that sometimes come and go. Before school one day it was her bottom that was giving her pain. When she sat down, she felt shooting pains. She didn’t want to go to school, but I told her she could bring a small pillow and sit on it. The day just before clinic, Ella Joy started crying right before we needed to leave for school. She was playing with Asaph and then out of nowhere she started to feel leg pains. She showed me her inner thigh on her right side and said that she was having pains there. It was the exact opposite side where I first found her lump before she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer! One prayer request as she is school for the full day, is that God would continue to protect her body from pains and help her to stay away from germs as she uses hand sanitizer.

This week, we are once again so incredibly thankful to Kelsey for her sacrifice of love, driving us to RMH and helping watch Asaph while Ella Joy got her spinal tap, chemo meds, and blood counts. We are so thankful to God that Ella Joy’s ANC blood counts looked great this week! The next clinic will be October 15th Thursday. Please continue praying that God would keep her ANC up so she can continue her daily chemo meds. Please also pray that she would no longer experience the pains she has been complaining about. Tonight, as Mike was putting her down for the night, she was crying in pain. These stomach pains usually happen after she gets spinal taps and Vincristine chemo pushes as well as starting her prednisone again. Please pray she would be well enough to go to school tomorrow. In addition to these stomach pains, she also has side effects from the prednisone she takes which makes her extremely irritable and hungry.

It breaks my heart to hear Ella Joy crying in pain after all she had been through at clinic. We are not sure what exactly is causing her stomach to have so much pain, is it from the spinal tap, the vincristine chemo pushes, or the prednisone? Whatever the case, “My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. “ -Psalm 119:50. Praying that tonight He would comfort Ella Joy and help to ease the pains she is experiencing.


September is childhood cancer awareness month! We want to thank so many of our friends and family who remembered to include Ella Joy as they went gold for September. It meant so much to us that you were mindful of Ella Joy and it reminded us that we have so many amazing friends who are praying for her as she is continuing her chemotherapy treatment.

There is a part from Chris Tomlin’s song Lay Me Down that says, “It will be my joy to say Your will Your way.” I realize so many times in Ella Joy’s fight against cancer, I want things to be my will and my way, but so many times this was not the case. Please pray that when things do not go accordingly, that we would be a family that would truly surrender to the Lord. That we would delight in His will for Ella Joy and our family. As challenging as that is at times, I realize that I have no control over Ella Joy’s aggressive t-cell lymphoma cancer. I do pray that His will would be ZERO cancer and NEGATIVE MRD, and I do pray that His will would be that the cancer would never ever come back! Please continue praying that it would be our joy to live out His will for our lives, whatever that might be.   Thank you saints of God, our faithful friends!