Im PORT ant Surgery



Thank you everyone for praying for Ella Joy’s port removal surgery!  From the time we got to Luries at 6:40am to the time we got discharged in the afternoon, we felt covered by all your prayers!  A huge thank you to my mom and my sister Joanne for coming to pray for and love on Ella Joy before her procedure.  The surgery went smoothly and our surgeon even let us keep the port that helped Ella Joy receive chemotherapy for these 2+ years! Since it was under her skin, she was wondering why it was not skin colored!  LOL, but I told her it was purple, one of her favorite colors and a color fit for a princess!


When it was time to go back to get anesthesia, appa went back with her.  We were so thankful she did not need the gas mask because they were able to access her port one last time for her sleepy time medicine.  Here is Ella Joy and appa with the bunny suit:


Please pray that Ella Joy would be safe at school and that God would protect her as she is extremely tender and sore.

Also, please pray for our upcoming clinic visit on March 21st Monday.  Please pray that her counts will look great and also that there would be zero cancer!  She will get her finger poked and we will see her blood counts and she will also get a physical from her oncologist.  This will be her first visit officially being off chemotherapy.  Although she has taken her last chemotherapy pill at the end of January, she still has bactrim and a couple of other drugs available to take for 3 more months.

We are so very thankful to you for your continual and faithful prayers for our Ella Joy.  Although her chemotherapy treatment is over, our burden to pray for zero cancer has been pressing our hearts.  We know the type of cancer she was diagnosed with is t-cell and extremely aggressive.  It is with gratitude and thankful hearts that we ask you to continue praying for Ella Joy, that every single cancer cell will be eradicated and destroyed forever, leaving no traces of cancer cells behind.

Now that her chemotherapy is over, we do not want to forget the urgency to pray, nor do we want to be complacent in our spiritual lives.  Dr Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at a time of challenge and controversy.”

Until our next check up in March, we ask that you pray and wait with us:

Psalms 33:20-22 Our soul waits for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name. Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in you.

Here is a clip of Ella Joy before she went in for surgery.  She was in good spirits, and she was dancing and “feeling” the music with her eyes closed.  She gave us a good smile and laugh, and we hope this video will do the same for you!