Please, never stop praying!


Praise the Lord! Ella Joy’s first post chemotherapy appointment went very well today! She had to get her finger pricked 2X to get the amount of blood needed for the blood test. But, she was a trooper, and besides telling me her finger hurt, she put on the heating bag and we got the vials of blood needed! Her blood counts looked normal, and her physical seemed to be okay. Ella Joy had been telling me her chest had been hurting at night, and she was getting cold sweats. She had also been getting a lot of bloody noses these past few weeks. There were a few times she had been nauseous and I gave her some Zofran, but today my oncologist told me to stop giving her Zofran because she is no longer on chemotherapy. I was told I needed to start giving her vitamin D. By the end of April, Ella Joy will be officially be off of Bactrim! I asked about long-term side effects, and her oncologist said loss of bone density, rapid weight gain, and struggles with academics are some of the most common problems for children like Ella Joy who have been through chemotherapy. I am praying these things will not be problems for Ella Joy, but my biggest prayer request is that all cancer cells would be destroyed and eradicated forever and ever! In Tim Keller ‘s book Prayer, he said, “When life is going smoothly, and our truest heart treasures seem safe, it does not occur to us to pray.” I never want to be complacent in our prayers for Ella Joy. We are so thankful for your prayers, when she was fist diagnosed, when she was going through challenges throughout her chemotherapy, and even now as she is finished with chemotherapy. Please never give up in your prayers for our Ella Joy! Our next appointment 2nd post chemotherapy check-up will be on May 23rd. Please pray that we would have another praise report and that her chest pains, cold sweats, and bloody noses would stop! Thanks so much!

“Always be joyful.  Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” – I Thessalonians 5:16-18

We are so very thankful to Marian for putting together this video for Ella Joy and our family. Please enjoy!